A tiger was brought up by a sheep. And so, the tiger grew thinking he was a sheep, himself. One day, an old tigress captured him and took him to a pond, where she showed him his own reflection. The tiger realized that his personality did not flow from his true nature, but from what he was taught, that his path did not derive from his direct experience, but from the opinion of others.
In our present story, the tigress is Tantra. If while reading this tale, a tiger opened his eyes within in you, he definitely came here to look at his reflection. Whether your routine numbs you or puts you in a frenetic race, you are eager to live your personal adventure. You have probably come to a point when the outside world has reached its limits and is unable to provide you with definite life keys. They are just not out there.

Your present situation is the starting point where Gates of Tantra can awaken in you inspiration, clearsight and power. With unique massages and personal sessions, you will tap into unexplored resources and generate and free and passonate life. If you are reading this, you are already on a new track and ready to discover the one-of-a-kind experiences only Tantra offers. In fact, the golden key to live out your freedom is right here: your body.
Your body is a natural jewel endowed with wonders and abilities. At Gates of Tantra, it is the sacred and ultimate map to your inner alignment, and the key to your higher journey. If you haven’t considered it this way before, you are up to mere amazement and splendor.

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The massage rituals are original creations based on the body energetic system developed in Traditional Tibetan Tantra.
Workshops and consulting sessions combine bodywork and self-development tools, embracing a range of methods selected for their transformative impact.

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International expert practitioners will be invited for ground-breaking workshops.
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