Gates of Tantra
Gates of Tantra – Unlocking your awesome


Gates of Tantra – The Tantric Breakthrough

If this workshop had a subtitle, it would definitely be “Step In Your Original Self”. Similarly to the innate ability of cats to fall back on its feet, our emotions hold the ability to restore our inner balance. If they stay hidden and stored, they can perpetuate an unwanted cycle. This workshop offers a unique space of emotional release to fully take up the opportunity they offer to step out of cycles and move on freely. A soul-liberating remedy, and fast track to bring multiple issues to an end.
After this workshop, you will:

Establish self-justice in many areas of your life

Make a highly vibrant experience of non-duality

Clearly see how Power and Freedom work together


Lasts 2 hours | Price 200 CHF

Price for the 3 Odysseys 550 instead of 650 CHF

The Odysseys show fantastic results when practiced collectively.
Ask for group sessions!