Gates of Tantra
Gates of Tantra – Unlocking your awesome


Gates of Tantra – The Naked Truth

Conventional expectations overlay original personality: they dictate how to look and dress, when to speak or to stay silent, how to relate and with whom, how (not) to express emotions… In short, how to abide by collective standards. This is fine, as long as this collective field remains on the fringe of our own space. Conventions can be of a costly price in terms of awareness of our needs and desires, and for the sense we give to our life. Although it should flow naturally, it now takes much courage and guts to own our life experience and realize our deeper aspirations.

This workshop is designed to strip yourself from outer loads, state clearly your truth and settle it firmly as your foundation and axis.
After this workshop, you will:

Feel empowered and whole

Be in peace with yourself

And realize our deepest aspirations


Lasts 2 hours | Price 200 CHF